Sadly Flip Fraser the founder and creator of Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame passed away on 31 August 2014. He has now joined the Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame.

Black Heroes in The Hall of Fame

Devastated by the death of his idol, Reggae star Bob Marley's in 1981, Jamaican born Producer Flip Fraser gave birth to a dream and created one of the most unique musical productions ever staged.

BLACK HEROES IN THE HALL OF FAME was created by Fraser in collaboration with co-producers JD Douglas and Khareem Jamal and is a moving tribute to 5000 years of Black History and to more than 75 Black men and women whose contributions are recognized in the creation of freedom, equality and world peace, and whose achievements have made history and created excellence in the world of science, sports and entertainment.

Described as a 'live Madamme Tassauds' - BLACK HEROES IN THE HALL OF FAME is an explosion of information and inspiration designed to educate and entertain all audiences. Divided into six acts, the production is a musical pageant of glittering tableaux that brings to life the important figures in Black History - from the Kings and Queens of Africa, The Freedom Fighters, The Great Achievers, The Great Entertainers, and a Great Debate between the great orators Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey and Nelson Mandela who eloquently discuss the issues that they experienced in their struggle, as well as those that are still affecting Black people up till this day.

The show was launched in London at the Shaw Theatre in July 1987 with the assistance of a modest grant from Camden Council to celebrate the centenary of Marcus Garvey. After its sell out launch, and driven by the massive demand of the Black community to see it, the show re-opened the doors of the Hackney Empire Theatre (which at the time was operating as a Bingo Hall) - before becoming the first all Black musical to perform in the West End at the Astoria Theatre in 1989.
Since then it has notched up almost 2000 performances in the UK, Jamaica and the USA and has broken box office records and received rave reviews and numerous prestigious awards in Chicago, Washington DC, Cleveland, Miami and Detroit during its USA Black History Month tours in 1992 and 1994..

BLACK HEROES IN THE HALL OF FAME boasts a cast of over 50 actors, singers, dancers musicians and technical crew and was devised to be 'organic' in its format - allowing the producers to keep updating its content, and now 27 years after its launch, it remains the most recognized and successful Black British theatre production ever.

The project has created new generations of theatre goers wherever it plays, and boasts legendary status as a 'must see' event' with one of the highest returning audience ratio for a major theatrical production, with many seeing the show on three or more occasions.

Flip Fraser (2014)


Tributes to Flip

I am Joyce Fraser, Flip's wife. I just want to share how touched and moved I was by the number of people who approached me during Flip's recent illness and afterwards, to tell me their moving stories of how Flip had touched and impacted their lives, being an inspiration, a mentor and giving many their first career break. This is a space for you to write a tribute to Flip and share your thoughts and memories of our Black Hero in the Hall of Fame - Flip Fraser

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